Encyclopedia of the Lories

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 Encyclopedia of the Lories

Review Parrots New Zealand.

If you are interested in Lories and Lorikeets, this book is a must for you. It contains over 430 pages on virtually everything you need to know about these beautiful birds. The first 100 pages cover general subjects relating to lories (90 subjects in all) including aviaries and cages, planted aviaries, bacterial infections, breeding, colony breeding, diets, feather plucking, hand-rearing, nectar, nest-boxes, worms and many more topics.

There are over 50 pages of full colour photos of the birds including most of the sub-species. For the species, there are around 250 pages of valuable information. For each species there are sections covering description, natural history (including range and habits), nesting, status and conservation and aviculture, including chick growth and general breeding information from breeders around the world. 



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