Fabulous Feathers, Remarkable Birds

Price £9.95 370 pages 100 black and white, 13 colour photographs.

ISBN 0-9531337-3-7 2003. Soft cover.

Part I. Beauty, Love and Endurance

Part 2. The Struggle for Survival

Part 3. A Helping Hand from Man

Life without birds would be unthinkable. The skies would be empty, the woods would be silent. Birds are the only wildlife with which most people have daily contact; they have won the admiration of the human race. But, alas, admiration is not enough to save them in this changing world. One eighth of all species are now threatened with extinction. The author takes us to every corner of the world to see what is happening to reverse (and contribute to) this decline. Worldwide concern and determination are mounting to save the birds.


What the reviewers wrote:

Full of interesting facts and figures, on one level a potpourri to dip into and on another a heartfelt plea for bird conservation. If you like birds you will enjoy this book. I did.” -- Roger Wilkinson,  Avicultural Magazine, No 2, 2004.


“What a wonderful book for anyone interested in birds! The amount of research that went into it was obviously considerable and it has been presented in such a readable format. At 370 pages it is packed with very interesting stories and facts about birds, many of them that will amaze you and keep you reading, page after page. I recommend it whole-heartedly.” -- Leslie Rance, Magazine of the Parrot Society, September 2004.


“For all 350 pages, Rosemary Low charts  a series of enthusiastically relayed ‘amazing’ facts related to birds from around the world -- many of which are embellished by the personal observations of the well-travelled author. I really felt this book to be a personal one, with Rosemary appealing to her readers to join her in her love for birds, and you are never left wondering about her enthusiasm or feelings on each subject and species covered…  Buy it, read it and go help the birds!” -- Louise Warburton, Parrots, September 2004.

“… an impassioned plea on behalf of birdkind as a whole, and threatened species in particular. Anyone with more than a passing feeling for birds will find something to engage, enrage and hopefully inspire them.” -- Ray Granger, Cage & Aviary Birds, August 19, 2004.  

Robin Restall, UK/Venezuela

“I opened it to see what it was like, began browsing  and found myself completely drawn in. It is a wonderful book with so many marvellous stories and insights.”


Dr Stewart Metz, USA

“… it really does capture their magic and the wonder of it all. It is my personal favourite of yours. One copy has gone out as a present and two more are being saved for the holidays.”


Dr Don Merton, New Zealand

“I’ve not read it through yet but what I have seen is absolutely amazing and I’ve learned lots… What a wealth of knowledge and experience -- not to mention energy and devotion to birds you have!”


Dr Stacey Gelis, Australia

“… reading various sections I realised just why I have been enthralled by birds all my life. There are so many absorbing facets to their daily lives. Your book is very easy and interesting to read; people who are busy can read a section and still get something out of it. The description of your observations reminds me of reading Gerald Durrell’s books …”.


Dr Jonathan Newman, UK

“Have read your book from cover to cover. Especially loved the sections on the heroic saving of species brought back from the brink.”


Marti Everett, UK

“… it’s absolutely fantastic! I shall be dipping into it forever. There are so many facts, I don’t know where to start. It is so interesting -- I can hardly put it down, I’m so enjoying it!”



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