A Guide to Grey Parrots as Pet and Aviary Birds

168 pages, 270 colour photos.

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Although the topic of Grey Parrots sounds like a narrow field, when you pick up A Guide to Grey Parrots as Pet and Aviary Birds you realise that this book is a substantial work. If you have not heard of Rosemary Low you are a novice or you have lived a very sheltered life. Rosemary is an internationally renowned author of more than 20 avicultural books. In writing this book, she has thoroughly researched the Grey Parrot, including its precarious status in the wild.

Rosemary has also drawn on her personal experiences, providing in- depth advice on the right conditions for keeping this popular species as  aviary and companion birds. The sections on Grey Parrots in captivity include Accommodation for Breeding Pairs, Breeding, A Healthy Diet, Preparing a Home for your New Pet, Enrichment and mental stimulation, Talking and mimicry and General Care. Significantly, this book is extremely useful even if you do not own a Grey Parrot. It contains so much valuable information, especially on pet parrot behaviour, which is applicable to other species as well.

Various contributing authors enhance the quality of the book, making it the best book available on Grey Parrots. Sonny Stollenmaier provides enormous insight into pet Grey Parrot behaviour -- valuable information for pet owners from a man who specialises in keeping and breeding this species. Avian veterinarians Nigel Harcourt-Brown and Michael Stanford offer their vast knowledge of diseases and disorders. Michael Stanfords studies in relation to ultraviolet light and calcium metabolism are particularly useful  to all aviculturists who keep birds under low sunlight conditions or indoors due to cold weather conditions. In addition, veterinarian Dr Terry Martin, an international authority on parrot genetics and mutations, provides details of various Grey Parrot mutations.

All I can say is, Great job well done to Rosemary and ABK Publications. This book is a must-have for all aviculturists. -- Peter Odekerken, Australian Birdkeeper, August/September 2006.

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