Parrot Breeding 

Published in  1998 by Rob Harvey.  

162 pages, 60 colour photos, 

soft cover.  £11.95


1.  You need time and commitment!                        

2.  Cages or Aviaries?

3.  Obtaining and sexing birds for breeding

4.  Introducing male and female

5.  Good and abundant food

6.  Behaviour of breeding birds.

7.  Nest-boxes

8.  Laying and incubation

9.  Rearing and fledging

10. Dealing with problems

11. Closed-ringing

12. Hand-reared or parent-reared?

13. The future of young birds.


Review in Avizandum (South Africa) April 1998

“This book tells you everything you need to know about the basics and more of parrot breeding. If you are a beginner or if you have bred parrots before, buy this book and read it through from page 1 to page 162. You will get the best advice on what it takes to breed parrots, how to house them, what to look out for when buying breeding stock, how to introduce birds to new partners, how you can expect them to behave, what to do if pairs do not breed, all about the breeding season and everything that goes with it… She does not write only for breeders in England, but for parrot breeders young and old all over the world.” -- Vera Dennison.


Published in German Papageien Zucht,  2000 by Verlag Michael Biedenbander. Reviewed in Gefiederte Freund 15/9/2000.


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