Parrot Breeding Register

All your breeding and stock records under one cover, or keep register in birdroom until you transfer details to computer.

Page size 28cm x 20cm (11in x 8in), 94 pages. Laminated cover.

(Thick paper, weighs 482g.)  Price £7.95.  ISBN 0-9531337-2-9

 Page for index (write in your species).

  Notes on ringing chicks

  Table showing ring sizes and age at ringing, incubation period and clutch size of 146 parrot species.

  Current stock list, 10 pages.

  Records of breeding pairs (clutch, date laid, no of eggs, hatched, days lay to hatch, ring no, left nest, remarks) 42 pages.

  Running list of chicks hatched (date hatched, species, parents, ring no, date died, date sold, remarks) 10 pages.

  Records of birds bought (date, species, sex , ring no, hatch date, price, bought from)  6 pages.

  Records of birds sold (as above but sold to, not bought) 12 pages.

  Veterinary records, 2 pages



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